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Readers Respond: Send a Thank-You Message to Military Children

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Military children make numerous sacrifices and exhibit tremendous courage while one or both of their parents serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Show your support by sending a thank-you message to a military child.

(Being a family member of a military child isn't a prerequisite. Anyone is welcome to honor and thank America's military kids.)

My Daughter, My Precious Baby Girl

I know you don't remember a whole lot when I was on active duty but I was gone 3 to 5 days a week for a couple years. Then in the guard, well you understand that. So even though I tried to be there and somehow managed a lot I did miss a lot of moments with you. A lot of credit goes to you and your mother for understanding. Without that understanding I would have stopped serving long ago. Now you are serving and I am proud of that. But most of all I am proud of the person you are. Thank YOU for all you have helped me do. I Love You!
—Guest Keshia Decker


From your resilience to your vulnerability, I am greatful for who you are and what you do. Even though I take credit for your dashing good looks ;) I can't do anything more than love and cherish the content of your character. You are awesome, you are brave, you are funny, you are kind. You're my Military Kids. If 2 is company and 3 is a crowd, I sure hope this is the 'IN' crowd :) love all three of you dearly! From BA, XA TA
—Guest SA

Military Childern

April is the Month of a Military Child. My grandson is one and he's 5 years old and his dad has been in south korea 1 yr, kwuit 1 yr now afaganistain bless his heart. and all the other military children prayer for you all
—Guest Jeanette

Thank you

To the gentle angels that sacrifice so much for your parents to serve our country to keep us free and safe. Bless you all and stay strong little ones!
—Guest Our Home

You're very brave

I know 2 young girls whose parent has been deployed for about 6 months now. I am amazed at how they seem to handle it. I know they miss their father but at the same time, they are obviously proud. They do a lot to explain the situation to their classmates and to make their father's duty part of the class' experience -- so they are all in it together. Thank you for sharing and teaching us!
—Guest Anna

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