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Military Families: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
U.S. Military Rank Chart
Military rank charts and photos for all branches of the U.S. Military.
2013 Basic Pay Chart for Active Duty Enlisted...
2013 Basic Pay Chart for Active Duty Enlisted Servicemembers
How to Create a myPay Account
Create a military myPay account by following these myPay Login instructions.
How To Request a Certified Copy of a Birth...
Birth certificates are an important document to keep on hand. If yours (or an immediate family members) has been lost, stolen, soiled or destroyed you'll need to acquire a replacement. Learn how to request a certified copy of a birth certificate.
5 Great Vacation Resorts and Cruises for...
Before making your travel arrangements, check out these military-friendly resorts and vacation destinations. Listings feature military discounts and numerous accommodations for travel within the U.S. and various countries worldwide.
LES for Active Duty – Understanding Your...
Detailed instructions to help active duty servicemembers understand their Leave and Earnings Statements (LES).
6 Things to Expect When Your Child Leaves for...
Your child signed their enlistment contract and took their oath. Now what? For parents of servicemembers, knowing what to expect often helps reduce anxiety and unravel the mystery of basic training.
Save Money at AAFES
Love to shop at AAFES stores? Use these tips and suggestions to help you save money at the PX and BX.
9 Things You Need To Know Before Refinancing...
Know the facts before you refinance your current VA loan through the IRRRL program.
Money in the Military--Basic Pay is Just the...
Basic pay is just the beginning. With time, effort, and possible separation from family, you can increasing your military earnings.
Military Families: How to Enroll in DEERS
DEERS Enrollment - Learn the steps you need to take to enroll spouses and children in DEERS.
Military Move: Renewing an Out-of-State...
When PCSing, military personnel and their dependents will at some point be faced with making a decision about renewing a driver's license.
Scholarships and Grants for Military Kids
Organizations and foundations offering scholarships and grants to military kids.
Star Spangled Banner Lyrics and History
Learn the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner and test your knowledge about our national anthem.
Support the Troops by Donating Your Unwanted...
Support the troops and military families by donating your gently used clothing, books, toys, furniture and household items to these organizations.
Military Discounts and Freebies
Many businesses and organizations offer military discounts and freebies to military families. Browse through this comprehensive list to find a military discount or free offer on numerous products and services.
Hotels Offering Military Discounts
Military families can save money on hotels by using military discounts.
TRICARE Dental Program: An Important Military...
The TRICARE Dental Program, which is administered by MetLife, is a dental insurance program that's available to military families.
What You Should Know About VA Home Loans
Get answers to common questions regarding VA home loans.
What Does the Gold Star Represent?
Learn about the gold star that's affixed to US Military service banners.
Military Pay Allowances for 2013
Listing of 2013 rates for BAH, BAS and other allowances.
TRICARE Reserve Select-Everything You Need to...
Answers to common questions regarding the TRICARE Reserve Select health plan.
How Water Can Boost Your Energy
Need an energy boost? Drink water. Staying hydrated by drinking water will help increase your energy and assist you in fighting fatigue. Learn aboout the benefits of drinking water.
What is the Commissary Early Bird Program?
Learn about the commissary's Early Bird program.
Services Not Covered by the TRICARE Dental...
Comprehensive list of services and treatments that are not covered by the TRICARE Dental Program.
Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, Golden Knights
Learn about the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, U.S.A.F Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team.
VA Loan Requirements for Reserve and Guard...
Showing proof of service is a VA loan requirement. Learn which proof of service forms are required for current or former servicemembers in the Reserve and Guard.
PCS and Other Common Acronyms Related to...
Learn the meaning of the various acronyms related to military moves such as PCS, HHG, MALT and others.
Pledge of Allegiance History and Interesting...
History and interesting facts about the Pledge of Allegiance.
Care Package No-Nos - Don't Send These...
Before you send a care package to a deployed servicemember, see this list of prohibited items.
Everyone Should Use the NATO Alphabet and...
All of us—civilians incluided—should use the NATO alphabet and the 24-hour clock: It’s professional, standardized, and could possibly save lives.
How To Enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program
Instructions for enrolling in the TRICARE Dental Program
Joining the Military--Finding the Right Time to...
Thinking about joining the military? Whether you’re 18, 25, or 40, there are advantages and disadvantages. You’ll learn about them here.
Changing Your Driver's License When You PCS in...
Before you PCS learn about your new state's laws and requirements regarding changing your drivers license.
What is myPay?
Military members, learn how to manage your LES and other pay-related documents with myPay, an online pay management system designed and maintained by DFAS.
How to Get a VA Home Loan Certificate of...
When veterans apply for a VA loan a certificate of eligibility is required. Learn how to get this important document.
United Concordia – How to Enroll in the...
Learn the necessary steps to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program , administered by United Concordia.
Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development...
Through the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) members of the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and their spouses can attend free marriage enrichment retreats.
Operation Homefront Provides Free School...
Operation Homefront's Back-to-School Brigade program provides backpacks and free school supplies to military kids.
Does TRICARE Cover Stepchildren?
Learn the necessary steps you must take to enroll your stepchild in TRICARE.
Basics for New Military Spouses: Make an...
Are you a new military spouse? Use this primer to help ease your transition from civilian life to military life.
Air Force Base Commissary Directory
Listing of commissaries on U.S. Air Force Bases.
Child Care Programs for Military Families
Learn about the various subsidized and low cost child care programs available to military families.
TRICARE Coverage for Newborns and Kids
Through its well-child program, TRICARE covers numerous routine exams, vaccinations, and tests for newborns and young children through age six.
PTSD Resources, Support Groups and Tools for...
PTSD resources and support groups for Veterans suffering from PTSD
Military Child Development Program
The Military Child Development Program offers military families various options to meet their child care needs. Learn about this program and view the sliding scale fee chart.
PTSD - Support for Military Spouses Married to...
Military spouses of servicemembers battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often feel isolated and unsupported. Help is available through these resources.
Financial Assistance for Military Families
Many financial assistance programs are available to military families. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines along with their dependents can get the financial help they need.
Your Spouse Military ID Card: What It is and...
Your spouse military ID card is key to accessing benefits available to you as a military spouse. Here's what your card can do an why it's so important
DoDEA Schools for Military Kids in Okinawa
Contact information for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools located in Okinawa (DoDDS-P)
2013 Basic Pay Chart for Active Duty Commission...
2013 Basic Pay Chart for Active Duty Commissioned Officers
VA Regional Loan Centers
Learn about VA Regional Loan Centers and how they can assist you with questions related to your VA loan benefits.
What to Expect When Sending a Red Cross Message...
Instructions and what to expect if you need to send a Red Cross message to your deployed loved one.
Are Military Family Members Automatically...
Learn the necessary steps to enroll military family members in TRICARE.
April is Month of the Military Child
April is Month of the Military Child. Find out what you can do to pay tribute to these young heroes.
Where to Take a Family or Military Couples...
The military lifestyle can take a toll on marriages and family members. A military couples retreat that may include workshops can help strengthen military marriages and rebuild post-deployment bonds.
Support Groups for Parents of Servicemembers
Support groups for parents with a child in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.
Operation Purple – Military Kids Can...
Operation Purple, a free summer camp program provided through the National Military Family Association (NMFA),offers military kids a chance to escape the stress that often accompanies the military lifestyle.
How to Send a Care Package to Someone in the...
Would you like to send care packages to deployed servicemembers but don't know of anyone that's serving overseas? Learn how you can locate a unit that needs care packages and letters.
Give an Hour Offers Free Counseling to...
Give an Hour provides free mental health services to current and former servicemembers and military family members to include fiancees and parents of servicemembers.
Before Your Spouse Deploys
The time leading up to deployment is precious for all parties in a military family. Minimize pre deployment stress and anxiety by taking the following suggestions into consideration.
Lodging Facilities and Leisure Travel: A Guide...
As a servicemember or dependent, you have access to military lodging and resorts around the world. Here’s a quick rundown of some of your options.
How Can Military Spouses Determine if the...
Learn how to verify you family's enrollment in DEERS.
Department of Defense Dependent Schools in...
Contact information for the schools in the Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg and Bavaria districts of DoDDS-E.
Understanding Your Guard and Reserve Leave and...
Understanding your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) is simplified with these comprehensive explanations specifically designed for members of the Reserve and National Guard.
Free Online Tutoring for Military Kids
The Department of Defense has created a program that offers free online tutoring to military kids. Discover how your military child can access free online tutoring services.
TRICARE Dental Program - Contact Information
Contact information for the Tricare Dental Program, administered by United Concordia.
Information about the military's health care insurance provider, TRICARE, and DEERS enrollment.
TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery Program: Easier...
The TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery program offers military families an economical and convenient way to fill their prescriptions. Learn about their new fee schedule to include zero copays for generic medications.
Military Cookie Cutters: Making Cookies More...
In this article we discuss the benefits of making cookies and the huge variety of cookie shapes, including a variety of military themes.
Our Military Kids Offers Grants to Children of...
Our Military Kids provides grants for military children of servicemembers in the National Guard and Reserve component to help pay for youth programs and activities.
Look into Veterans’ Benefits
Veterans and their families have great benefits, but many don't know where to look and miss out. In this article, we’ll explore some VA benefits.
Free Grief Counseling and Support Services for...
A list of places that offer military survivors free grief counseling and support services.
ACE Suicide Prevention Card
Learn about the ACE suicide prevention card for veterans and military families.
Subsidized Child Care Programs for Army Families
Army families in need of subsidized child care can learn about the various options available to them.
How to Ace Your Enlisted Performance Review
To ace your performance review, keep track of everything you do and demonstrate how you've saved the military time, money, and manpower.
Fisher House provides lodging for families of...
Fisher Houses are located in the U.S. and abroad, Fisher House takes care of the lodging needs of families visiting wounded or ill servicemembers.
Can I Get a VA Loan if I Have No Credit History?
You can get a VA loan with no credit history. Learn what the lenders look for if you have no credit history.
Dual Military Marriages-The Challenges When Mom...
Dual military marriages can and do work. But it takes planning, flexibility, and mutual support--like any other assignment. This guide will help.
Camps for Military Kids
Numerous camps are available specifically for military kids of all ages. Learn more about the various programs and how your child can benefit from them.
Understanding TRICARE Prime
Get answers to frequently asked questions about TRICARE Prime, including information about enrollment fees along with instructions on how to enroll.
The Army's Strong Bonds Couples Program Helps...
The Army's Strong Bonds Couples Program offers marriage enrichment retreats and courses to servicemembers and their spouses.
Money-Saving Tips for Military Families
Military families are on tight budgets, but with some simple steps, you can make things a little easier for your family
Help for Wounded Warriors--Organizations That...
Wounded Warrior resources for servicemembers wounded in action on or after September 11, 2001.
United Concordia – Tricare Dental Program...
Premium rates for the Tricare Dental Program which is administered by United Concordia.
Support Organizations for Military Widows
Organizations that provide support, information and resources to military widows.
PTSD Books for Wounded Warriors and Military...
Wide variety of books about PTSD for wounded warriors and military families.
Military Care Package; Shipping Supplies
Here are all the supplies you'll need to ensure that your care packages will actually get to the servicemembers they're suposed to reach.
OMCC Offers Subsidized Child Care for Military...
The Operation Military Child Care (OMCC) program offers subsidized child care to military families. Learn more about the OMCC program including eligibility requirements and how how apply.
Gifts for Army Moms
Large selection of gifts for Army moms. Merchandise includes drinkware, apparel, keepsake boxes, throw pillows, calendars, iPhone cases, iPad cases and much more.
TRICARE Reserve Select Health Plan
Learn about the TRICARE health plan for Reservists and their dependents.
Horses4Heroes Serves the Entire Military Family
Horses4Heroes offer numerous riding programs for the entire military family. Learn more about the programs that Horses4Hereoes make available to adults and kids ages 2 and up.
Military Care Packages: Everything You Need to...
Increase the odds that your servicemember will receive his or her care package in the best possible condition.
Care Packages for Deployed Servicemembers:...
Care packages are an important part of deployments. For family members of deployed servicemembers it's a way of showing support and love. However, not all items transport well. Learn how to create an ideal care package that will put a smile on the face of your special solider, sailor, airmen or Marine.
Grief Quotes: Thoughts for When Words Fail You
Numerous quotes about grief compiled to help you with your grief and sorrow.
Patriotic Maternity Shirts For Military Wives...
Large variety of military themed maternity shirts specifically designed for military wives and girlfriends.
Keep Family Ties Strong during Deployment--Stay...
For deployed military, staying connected to family back home and keeping relationships strong is hard. This article includes many helpful strategies.
DoDEA Schools for Military Kids in Korea...
Contact information for Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) in Korea.
Is Your Child Introverted, Extroverted or...
There are many benefits to be had by understanding whether your child is an introvert, extrovert or ambivert and then planning their activities and social interactions accordingly.
A Servicemember's PTSD - The Spouse and...
One in four veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from PTSD. But they're not alone. Their spouse and children are affected too.
Living on a Military Installation: Five Things...
Getting ready for your first time living on a military base? Rules can be daunting, but with research and planning you can make a smooth transition
Post-Deployment – Common Adjustments...
The post-deployment time period brings about numerous adjustments for military couples. Learn what to expect when your spouse returns from deployment.
Making Friends at a New Duty Station: A How-to...
Making new friends at a new duty station can be scary and difficult. But, if you put yourself out there, you’ll meet tons of great, new people
Taking the Stress Out of Moving: Making PCS...
If you're in the military, you're going to move. A lot.This guide can take the stress out of military moves and make you a PCS expert
Working on a Military Base: Perks for Civilians
You don’t need to uniform to work on a military base. If you’re a civilian and considering a job on a military base, Uncle Sam offers many perks
PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes Therapeutic Riding...
Horses for Heroes is a therapeutic riding program for wounded warriors and combat veterans that are suffering from PTSD, TBI or recovering from physical wounds sustained in combat. Learn more about the Horses for Heroes program that's provided through PATH International.
Army Emergency Relief - Financial Help for...
Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides soldiers with financial assistance. Learn to how to apply for AER help.
The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act and...
Civilian military spouses enjoy many of the same legal protections as their uniform-wearing spouse. But the laws are complex. This article can help.
Kids Clothes and Merchandise for Military...
Large variety of kids clothes specifically designed for military homecomings.
When Can I Start Sending Care Packages?
After a loved one deploys, family members are anxious to start sending care packages. Learn why you may need to wait a few weeks before shipping and mailing items.
New Beginnings – A Financial Assistance...
New Beginnings program helps military families find financial assistance by matching applicants with sponsors.
Army FMWR Arts and Crafts Centers
Learn about the Arts and Crafts Centers provided by the Army's FMWR program and see if there is a center at your installation.
Common Reactions You May Experience When a...
List of common reactions people have when a loved one dies, including mood swings, loss of appetite, short attention span and more.
VA Home Loans – Common Abbreviations and...
Find the meanings of various abbreviations and acronyms that pertain to VA home loans.
Who Are the Gold Star Wives?
Information about the Gold Star Wives of America.
2013 Military Payday Schedule
Listing of paydays in 2013 for active duty and Reserve military members.
Locate the Red Cross Phone Number Before Your...
Before your spouse deploys it's imperative that you post the Red Cross phone number in an easy to find place.
DoDEA Schools for Military Kids in Puerto Rico,...
Contact information for DDESS in Puerto Rico, Guam and Cuba.
Military Kids and Deployment - How Do I Explain...
For many military parents, explaining their deployment to their children is a task they don't take lightly. Numerous resources are available to help you determine the best way to share your news.
How to Build a Strong Military Marriage
Military marriages undergo an immense amount of stress and strain. But with direct communication, honesty, and affection, it’s not impossible.
Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Your Child...
Many military families need childcare. Getting into on-base child care isn't always possible, but there are steps you can take to boost your odds.
Memorial Day: Honoring America's Fallen...
Most Americans think of Memorial Day as a day off instead of a day to remember those who died for our country. Here's how to observe this holiday.
Teaching Kids About Veterans Day
Activities, tips and suggestions to help you teach your child about Veterans Day.
Resources To Help You Plan and Prepare for a...
Resources and information to help you plan and prepare for a PCS move.
What Are the PTSD Statistics for Military...
PTSD statistics for current and former military members.
Learn About Your Next Duty Station Before You PCS
Once you receive your orders take some time and learn about your new duty station and the surrounding community.
Deployment Pay: 4 Ways to Put It to Good Use
Tips and suggestions to help military couples decide how to best use the additional income received from deployments.
Pets in the Military: Should You Get One?
Pets can be great for families or single servicemembers, but they're lots of work. Before you bring home a new friend, you need to do some planning.
A Guide to Starting a Business as a Military...
High unemployment among military spouses has caused many to start their own business. Here’s what you need to know to set yourself up for success.
Paying for Your Child’s College...
What sorts of options do military parents have for paying for their education once high school is over? This article explores many excellent options.
Care Package Preparation - Shopping and Baking...
Not all homemade or pre-packaged foods make the best care package items. These tips will help you determine what to send and what to avoid.
Abandoned Military Spouses: An Unpleasant Reality
If you're the wife or husband of a military servicemember and you feel you've been abandoned, you have a number of legal rights. Find out more here..
Military Housing: Assessing Whether Living On-...
The housing options open to you depend on your marital and/or rank. In this article, you'll find advice on the pros and cons of each option.
Protocol for Flying the American Flag at...
Learn the proper protocol for flying the American Flag on Memorial Day.
Military and Family Life: Tips for Finding the...
Military life can be busy and hectic and having a spouse and children makes things even busier and more hectic. Is balance possible? Yep. Here how.
Budgeting for Military Families
Shopping at your base commissary can save you money. Using coupons, buying in bulk, and planning your meals based on sale items can save you even more
Family Care Planning for Single Military...
Single parents can't enlist in the military. But circumstances can turn a once-married servicemember into a single parent. You need a Family Care Plan
Modest Needs and Code of Support Foundations:...
Modest Needs Foundation and Code of Support Foundation both provide support and resources to veterans and their family.
TRICARE Dental Program
Contact information, premium rates and enrollment instructions for the TRICARE Dental Program, administered by United Concordia.
TRICARE Dental Program Eligibility
Curious about whether or not you're eligible to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program? Learn about their eligibility requirements here.
Respite Care for Military Parents of Exceptiona...
Learn about the various respite care options available to military parents of exceptional (special needs) children.
Basic Training for Military Spouses: Everything...
Whether you are newly married or an old pro, having a spouse join the military and start basic training can challenging. Here's what you need to know.
Is the TRICARE Dental Program Available For...
What you need to know if you're a Reserve/Guard family that's interested in enrolling in the TRICARE Dental Program.
Neoplastic Diseases Definition
What are neoplastic diseases? Learn the definition of neoplastic diseases as it relates to polytrauma and TBI.
BAH Calculator for Active Duty
Active duty servicemembers can calculate their BAH with this handy BAH Calculator.
Grantham University Provides Free Blue Star...
Grantham University is providing free Blue Star Flags to servicemembers and military families.
Are There Any Marriage Enrichment Retreats for...
Many marriage enrichment retreats, classes and workshops are available for Air Force couples. Learn about the various programs and how to utilize them.
Military Acronyms and Dictionary
Learn the meanings of military acronyms and terms.
VA Loan Information for Members of the Reserves...
Members of the Reserves and National Guard may qualify for a VA loan. Learn about the VA loan requirments and get answers to FAQs.
ASYMCA Operation Kid Comfort Helps Military...
ASYMCA's Operation Kid Comfort program provides free photo-transfer quilts or pillows to military kids of deployed servicemembers.

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