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Assistance for Wounded Warriors

Help is available for servicemember's wounded in action. Learn about support organizations for servicemembers and their families, navigating the VA and resources for those suffering from PTSD.
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H.E.A.R.T. DVD Helps Combat Veterans
Learn about the HeartMath Education and Resilience Training program for combat veterans.

HeartMath Education and Resilience Training
Answers to frequently asked questions about the HeartMath Education and Resiliency Training for combat veterans.

HeartMath Resources for Veterans and Military Families
The Institute of HeartMath has several programs, workshops and numerous other resources for combat veterans and military families.

EMMP Online Computer Program for PTSD Sufferers
Learn about the Eye Movement Memory Processing (EMMP) online computer program--a tool created to help veterans find relief from their PTSD symptoms.

FAQ About the EMMP Program for PTSD Suffers
Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Eye Movement Memory Processing (EMMP) online computer program for those who suffer from PTSD.

PTSD Books for Wounded Warriors and Military Families
Wide variety of books about PTSD for wounded warriors and military families.

Give an Hour Offers Free Counseling to Servicemembers and their Families
Give an Hour provides free mental health services to current and former military personnel and their family members to include fiancees and parents of servicemembers.

FAQ About Give an Hour
Get answers to commonly asked questions about Give an Hour -- a nonprofit organization that offers free counseling and mental health services to veterans and military family members to include parents of servicemembers and fiancees.

Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Glossary
Definitions for words and terms often affiliated with polytrauma and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

PTSD Help and Information for Veterans and Military Families
Often, when a Veteran is battling PTSD the entire family is caught up in the struggle. Many servicemembers and military spouses feel isolated, unsupported and a host of other emotions in conjunction with trying to navigate the system and preserve the family unit.

Packing Tips for Family Emergencies that Require Travel
If you need to make a quick departure it's easy to forget necessary items when you're packing under stress. Use this list to help ensure you pack all the important items you'll need throughout your trip.

The Fisher House Program Helps Families of Wounded and Ill Servicemembers
Through the Fisher House Program, family members of servicemembers that are hospitalized miles away from home can receive free temporary lodging that's near the medical facility where their loved one is being treated.

VA Adds Services and Support to Existing Family Caregiver Program
The VA has added services and support to their existing Family Caregiver Program. Learn about the additional benefits and how to apply for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers.

Fisher House Locations
Find a Fisher House that's near the medical facility where your loved one is receiving treatment.

Financial Assistance for Military Families
Many financial assistance programs are available to military families. Learn about the various resources available to soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and their dependents.

Benefits Information for Wounded U.S. Servicemembers
Organizations and resources for servicemembers injured in the line of duty, to include family support information.

Help for Wounded Servicemembers
Resources for servicemembers wounded in action on or after September 11, 2001.

Childcare Assistance for Kids of Wounded Servicemembers
Learn about a program that provides financial childcare help to families of injured servicemembers.

Free Medical Flights for Wounded Servicemembers
If traveling to your medical appointments or treatment facility is cost-prohibitive, contact one of these organizations for help.

Emergency Travel Help for Family Members of Wounded Warriors
Organizations that provide emergency travel funds to family members of those wounded in action.

New Beginnings – A Financial Assistance Resource for Military Families
Are you a military family in need of financial assistance? New Beginnings is a program that helps military families find financial assistance by matching applicants with sponsors.

PTSD Resources, Support and Tools for Veterans
Don't suffer in silence. Numerous PTSD resources, tools, support groups and crisis hotlines exist to help Veterans.

PTSD - Support for Military Spouses Married to Servicemembers Battling PTSD
Military spouses of servicemembers battling PTSD often feel isolated and unsupported. Help, support and stories of spouses in similar situations are available through these resources.

What Are the PTSD Statistics for Military Members?
If you're curious about how often post traumatic stress disorder occurs in military members, these PTSD statistics provide some insight.

PATH International Horses for Heroes Therapeutic Riding Program
PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes is a therapeutic riding program for combat Veterans who are suffering from PTSD, TBI or recovering from physical wounds sustained in combat. Learn more about this valuable, free resource.

PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes Therapeutic Riding Facilities in the U.S.
PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes is a therapeutic riding program designed to help Veterans who are battling PTSD, TBI or are recovering from physical injuries sustained in combat. Use this list to find a facility near you that offers this program.

VFW Program "Operation Uplink" Helps Deployed Troops Call Home for Free
Wounded warriors hospitalized in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait can make free phone calls home twice a month through Operation Uplink, a program provided by the VFW.

PTSD - Citizen Soldier Support Program Helps Reservists and Guardsmen
For Reservists and Guardsmen suffering from PTSD, locating a mental health professional in their area who's experienced in treating military personnel often proves challenging. Thanks to a comprehensive database offered by the Citizen Soldier Support Program, Reservists and Guardsmen can find the help they need.

A Servicemember’s PTSD Affects the Whole Family
One in four veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from PTSD. But they're not alone. Their spouse and children are affected too.

Look into Veterans’ Benefits

Child Care for Military Families: What You Need to Know

When a Wounded Service Member Comes Home
Caring for a wounded/injured servicemember isnt easy. But with patience and perseverance it's possible to make it easier on both you and your spouse.

Becoming a Military Caregiver

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