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Vacation Resorts and Cruises for Military Families


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To show their support and appreciation, many vacation clubs, resorts and travel agencies offer exclusive deals to military families.

Armed Forces Vacation Club
Offers world-wide travel deals to military families. Destinations include resorts in the U.S. and 79 other countries.

Armed Forces Recreation Center Resorts
Choose from resorts in Virginia, Florida, Hawaii, Germany and Korea. Although AFRC resorts are operated by the Army's FMWRC, they welcome servicemembers in all branches and components of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Shades of Green
Military resort located at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The facility, exclusive to military families, serves active duty, Reserve, Guard, retirees and families of fallen and disabled servicemembers in all branches of the Armed Forces. Rates based on military rank at check-in.

Seward Military Resort
Located in Seward, Alaska, this resort caters to military families in all branches of the Armed Forces. Open year-round, they offer a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, sight-seeing, glacier tours and much more. A valid military ID is required upon check-in.

Gives the lowest direct-buy rates on cruises for U.S. servicemembers and Veterans honorably discharged. Choose from numerous destinations and cruise lines. Must provide copy of military ID or DD214 within 48 hours of making your reservation.

For added savings, don't forget to inquire about military discounts at restaurants, car rental companies and other travel-related businesses.

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