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How Do Military Family Members Enroll in DEERS?


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Question: How Do Military Family Members Enroll in DEERS?

Answer: A common misconception made by military families is the assumption that a servicemember's enrollment in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) constitutes the automatic enrollment of his or her dependents. This is not the case. Enrollment of spouses, children and other qualified dependents is a separate step.

Registering family members in the DEERS system is quite simple. It's also a requirement before dependents can enroll in the military's health care system, TRICARE.

To get started:
First, gather the necessary documents. Spouses will need to present a photo ID, social security card, marriage license and birth certificate.

For biological children under age 21 you'll need to provide their social security card and birth certificate. To enroll stepchildren you'll need to provide their birth certificate, social security card and parent's marriage certificate. Enrollment for adopted children requires their social security card, birth certificate and final adoption decree.

After you've gathered all the required documents, take the packet to the personnel department or ID card office at the duty station nearest you.

The servicemember, also known as the "sponsor," must be present to sign DD Form 1172. This document is the Official Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card and DEERS enrollment form. During this process, spouses, dependent adults and children aged 10 and up will receive military ID cards.

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