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Our Military Kids Offers Grants to Children of Reservists and Guardsmen

Financial Assistance for Youth Programs and Activities


When members of the National Guard and Reserve component are called to active duty, the difference between their civilian and military salary often results in a significant pay cut. In order to make ends meet, many military families are forced to reduce their monthly expenditures. Money budgeted to pay for their children's extracurricular activities or tutoring is now needed to pay for food, housing, utilities, vehicles and other necessary household expenses.

If you're in this predicament, don't despair. Financial assistance to cover the cost of youth programs and activities is available for military children of Guardsmen and Reservists through grants offered by Our Military Kids.

Programs and activities eligible for grants include but are not limited to:

  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Fine Arts Programs
  • Tutoring
  • Camps
  • School Trips
  • Driver's Education
  • Scouting
How to Apply
To get started, download the application that's specific to your branch of service.

When submitting your completed application you'll also need to submit:

  • A copy of the servicemembers orders.
  • Proof that the child is a Reserve/Guard dependent. A copy of one of the following is acceptable: the child's military ID; form 1172 (DEERS Form); or the child's birth certificate if he or she is the biological child of the servicemember.
  • A brochure, program flyer or letter from the organization that's hosting the program. Please include the cost of the program with this documentation. Upon approval a check will be sent directly to the organization.

Grants are not awarded for day care fees, tuition assistance or missions.

If you have further questions about the program, additional details and information are located on Our Military Kids' FAQ page.

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