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Military Pay and Personal Finances

Information and resources pertaining to military pay and managing personal finances. Learn about BAH, LES, myPay, hazardous duty pay and scholarships, along with moneysaving and budgeting tips.
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Four Ways to Put Deployment Pay to Good Use
Tips and suggestions to help you decide how to best use the additional income received from deployments.

FAQ About the DoD Savings Deposit Program
Want to build up your savings account? Learn about the DoD Savings Deposit Program for deploying servicemembers.

Military Discounts and Freebies
To show support and appreciation for servicemembers and their dependents, many businesses and organizations offer discounts and freebies to military families.

LES for Active Duty – Understanding Your Leave and Earnings Statement
Detailed instructions to help active duty servicemembers understand and decipher their Leave and Earnings Statements (LES).

LES for Reserve and Guard - How to Understand Your Leave and Earnings Statement
Understanding and deciphering your LES is simplified with these comprehensive explanations specifically designed for members of the Reserve and National Guard.

Financial Assistance for Military Families
Many financial assistance programs are available to military families. Learn about the various resources available to soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and their dependents.

Save Money at AAFES
Shopping at the PX, BX or any of the other AAFES stores is one of the many privileges granted to servicemembers and military dependents. Learn how you can save money at the PX and BX.

Save Money at AAFES Stores
How do you save money at AAFES? Share your tips and suggestions and read how fellow military families lower their bill at the PX, BX and other AAFES stores.

Active Duty Alerts Help Protect Deploying Servicemembers
To help protect servicemembers against identity theft, deploying military personnel can place an "active duty" alert on their credit report.

Warning Signs That May Indicate You’ve Become a Victim
Military families may be more vulnerable to identity theft than their civilian counterparts. Learn about the subtle warning signs that may indicate you've become an identity theft victim.

What Military Families Can Do To Prevent Identity Theft
There are many precautionary measures servicemembers and military families can take to prevent identity theft. Take a proactive approach by learning what you can do to prevent identity theft.

What Precautions Do You Take To Prevent Identity Theft?
What precautionary measures do you take to prevent identity theft? Share your tips and wisdom with other military families.

Scholarships and Grants for Military Families

Numerous scholarships and grants are available to military spouses and military kids. Find out where the money is at and how to increase the odds that you or your child will become a recipient.

Money for Military Spouses Pursuing Non-Degree Certifications
Financial resources for military spouses wanting to earn a certification or license in a chosen field.

Unlimited Commissary Privileges for Reserve and Guard
See immediate savings on your grocery bill by shopping at the commissary.

Scholarships and Grants for Military Kids
Organizations and foundations offering scholarships and grants to military kids.

Scholarships for Dependents of Fallen U.S. Servicemembers
A list of scholarships and grants available to spouses and children of fallen U.S. servicemembers.

Hotels Offering Military Discounts
Save money on your next hotel stay by using military discounts.

Emergency Travel Money for Family Members of Wounded Warriors
Organizations that provide emergency travel funds to family members of those wounded in action.

Free Medical Flights for Wounded Servicemembers
If traveling to your medical appointment or treatment facility is cost-prohibitive, contact one of these organizations for help.

Childcare Assistance for Kids of Wounded Servicemembers
Learn about a program that provides financial childcare help to families of injured servicemembers.

Scholarships and Grants - Improve Your Odds of Becoming a Recipient
When applying for scholarships and grants, give yourself a competitive edge by following these five tips.

Stretch Your Holiday Budget - Create a Holiday Shopping Fund
Advance preparation is the key to offsetting a budget-busting expense.

Stretch Your Holiday Shopping Budget - Shop Year-Round
Discover how to save money on holiday gifts by shopping throughout the year.

Commissary and Grocery Store Savings
Buying groceries for your holiday baking and cooking can be expensive. See significant savings at the grocery store or commissary checkout by following these tips.

New Beginnings – A Financial Assistance Resource for Military Families
Are you a military family in need of financial assistance? New Beginnings is a program that helps military families find financial assistance by matching applicants with sponsors.

Army Emergency Relief – Financial Assistance for Soldiers and their Dependents
Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides soldiers and their dependents with financial assistance. Learn to how to apply for AER help.

Marines Toys for Tots Program
The Marines Toys for Tots program is an excellent way for military families who are in the midst of a financial hardship to give their child a new toy for Christmas. Learn how to request a toy from the Marines Toys for Tots program in your area.

Numerous military benefits are available to servicemembers and their dependents. Learn about the various services and benefits offered to military spouses, military kids and servicemembers.

United Concordia - Premium Rates for TRICARE Dental Program
Here are the current premium rates for the various plans offered by the Tricare Dental Program which is administered by United Concordia.

United Concordia – How to Enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program
Dental insurance is one of the many benefits available to military families. Learn the necessary steps to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program , administered by United Concordia.

United Concordia - Contact Information for the TRICARE Dental Program
Phone numbers, mailing addresses and hours of operation for the TRICARE Dental Program, administered by United Concordia.

MyPay Login – How to Create a myPay Account
Manage your Leave and Earnings Statements (LES), W-2 tax forms and a host of other pay-related documents by creating a myPay account.

What is myPay?
Learn how to manage your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and other pay-related documents with myPay, an online pay management system designed and maintained by DFAS.

Our Military Kids Offers Grants to Children of Reservists and Guardsmen
Our Military Kids provides grants for military children of deployed servicemembers in the National Guard and Reserve component. The funds are designed to help pay for youth programs and activities.

2011 Military Pay Charts for Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard
Military pay is based on rank and number of years in service. Besides basic pay, active duty servicemembers also earn various allowances such as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Members of the Reserve Component and National Guard earn Drill Pay for standard drill weekends, and when called to active duty for a period of less than 30 days for...

2011 Basic Pay Chart for Active Duty Servicemembers

All active duty servicemembers receive a basic monthly pay. Select your rank from the list below to view your 2011 basic pay.

Military Paydays for Calendar Year 2011
Military paydays for calendar year 2011. Features pay dates for mid-month and end-of-month pay.

2011 Drill Pay Charts for Reserves and National Guard

Members of the Reserve Component and National Guard receive monthly drill pay. Simply select your rank from the list below to view your 2011 salary for a standard weekend drill.

BAH Calculator for Active Duty
Curious about your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate? Active duty servicemembers can calculate their BAH with this handy BAH Calculator.

BAS Rates for Calendar Year 2011
2011 BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) rates for officers and enlisted military members.

VA Loan Requirements for Reserve and Guard – Proof of Service
In addition to active duty servicemembers, Reservists and Guardsmen must show proof of service before applying for a VA loan. Learn which proof of service forms and documents are required for current or former servicemembers in the Reserve and Guard.

Are Members of the National Guard and Reserves Eligible to Apply for VA Loans?
Members of the National Guard and Reserves can apply for VA Home Loans if they meet certain requirements. These guidelines will help you determine your eligibility.

IRRRL – What You Need To Know Before Refinancing Your VA Loan
Know the facts before you apply for an IRRRL (Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loans)on your existing VA home loan.

Can I Get a VA Loan if I Have No Credit History?
Many servicemembers wonder if they can get a VA loan if they have no credit history. Learn what lenders look for.

VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility for Reserve and Guard
When veterans apply for a VA loan a certificate of eligibility is required. Learn the necessary steps in how to acquire this important document.

Overseas Banking for Military Families: What You Need to Know
Military moves can make banking a challenge—especially if this is your first big move. It’s a lot to sort through, and this guide will help.

Financial Support for Active Military Members
Military personnel and their families have a wide range of financial tools. This article will help keep financial troubles from becoming nightmares

Budgeting for Military Families
Shopping at your base commissary can save you money. Using coupons, buying in bulk, and planning your meals based on sale items can save you even more

How Does the Military Lending Act Affect You and Your Family?
The Military Lending Act offers important provisions designed to protect miiltary famliies from predatory lenders and financial scams.

Stretching Your Paycheck
Military families are on tight budgets, but with some simple steps, you can make things a little easier for your family

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