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How To Change or Renew Your Drivers License When You PCS

Learn About the Various State Laws Regarding Drivers License


When you make a military move (PCS) you'll eventually be faced with making a decision about your driver's license. Will you renew your existing license or change it to your new state?

Some states have military exemptions while others do not. To help you make an educated decsion it's important to learn about the renewal laws from the state where your existing driver's license was issued and the driver's license laws of your new state.

Renewing a Driver's License While in the Military

When you make an out-of-state military move you'll need to make a decision on whether or not you'll renew your existing driver's license. Many states have renewal laws and exemptions specifically for military personnel and the licensed drivers within the household.

To save you time, stress and aggravation, learn about the drivers license renewal laws from the state that issued you your license.

Changing Your Driver's License When You PCS

For many military families, PSCing is a common occurrence and, more often than not, involves moving from one state to another. Besides the standard "to-dos" that accompany every PCS move, another issue that must be addressed is changing your driver's license.

Each state has their own driver's license laws and requirements for new residents. Many states consider servicemembers and their dependents temporary residents and offer exemptions while other states have no such laws.

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