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Grantham University Provides Free Blue Star Flags to Military Families

Learn How To Request a Free Blue Star Flag


Blue Star Flag

The Blue Star Flag, also known as the Blue Star Service Banner, is displayed to show support for a loved one that's serving in the military.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Army
The Blue Star Flag, also referred to as the Blue Star Service Banner, is often displayed by military families as a way to pay tribute to a loved one that's serving in the military. And now, thanks to Grantham University, servicemembers and military families can receive a free Blue Star Flag.

Requesting A Blue Star Flag
To show their support for the troops, Grantham University is offering free Blue Star Flags to military personnel and their families, regardless if they're enrolled at the school or not. And when they say "free" they mean entirely free. There are no hidden fees, nor do they charge for shipping.

To request your free service banner simply fill out the form at My Blue Star Flag.com. Your flag will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a cardboard tube via the USPS. Please allow 4 to 6 six weeks for delivery.

About Grantham University
As an online accredited school and a member of Servicemembers Opportunity College, Grantham University provides a wide array of military scholarships and tuition assistance to servicemembers and military dependents who want to earn an associate, bachelor's or master's degree. In addition, Grantham also offers Certificates of Learning in Criminal Justice, and Medical Coding and Billing.

Complete details about Grantham University's military programs are available on their Web site.

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