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Military Moves - Changing Your Driver's License When You PCS


For many military families, PSCing is a common occurrence and, more often than not, involves moving from one state to another. Besides the standard "to-dos" that accompany every PCS move, another issue that must be addressed is changing your driver's license.

Each state has their own laws in regards to changing a driver's license. Certain states require new residents to change their license within a specific time frame after completing the move while other states grant leeway to military members and their dependents.

Another variation from state to state is whether or not a licensed driver must take the written test when applying for a new driver's license. Some states simply require various forms of ID (acceptable documents also differ among states), passing a vision test followed by turning in your current driver's license in exchange for one from that particular state. To further complicate matters, residency rules vary from state to state, which can make a huge difference on whether or not you even have to change your license.

Know Before You Move
Prior to your move it's a good idea to educate yourself about the process of changing your driver's license in your new state. Understanding their laws beforehand will enable you to make sound decisions based on facts and hopefully save you from experiencing any additional unnecessary stress.

To learn specific information regarding a state's laws and requirements for changing a driver's license please select the state that you are moving to from the list featured below.

State DMV Information

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