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Are Marriage Enrichment Retreats the Same as Counseling or Therapy?



The Chaplain's Religious Enrichment Development Operation assists servicemembers in the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and their spouses by offering retreats and workshops to help with marital, family, and deployment issues.

Photo by Lance Cpl. John Robbart III. Photo courtesy of U.S.M.C.
Question: Are Marriage Enrichment Retreats the Same as Counseling or Therapy?
Answer: No. Marriage enrichment retreats are designed to enhance marriages by teaching couples problem-solving and communication techniques, relationship building skills, and a host of other useful tips that are unique to couples living the military lifestyle.

In addition to learning new skills, the retreats also offer couples plenty of "down time" so they can relax and reconnect without having to worry about all the daily demands that compete for their time and attention.

However, some couples that are involved in individual or joint marriage counseling make the decision to attend marriage enrichment retreats as a way to gain additional communication and problem-solving skills but they do so with the understanding that the retreats are meant to enhance their marriage and not replace their current counseling.

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