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Marriage in the Military

Servicemembers and their spouses face numerous challenges related to the military lifestyle. Dealing with stress, reintegrating after deployment, military retreats for couples and ways to honor and support each other are among the topics discussed.
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Returning Home From Deployment
Tips and suggestions to assist servicemembers in making a smooth transition into their family life upon returning from deployment.

Before Your Spouse Deploys
The time leading up to deployment is precious for all parties in a military family. Minimize pre-deployment stress and anxiety by taking the following suggestions into consideration.

Military Acronyms and Dictionary
Learn the meanings of military acronyms and terms.

Who Are the Gold Star Wives?
Information about the Gold Star Wives of Ameria.

Deployment Advice – Take What You Like and Leave the Rest
Military spouses are often barraged with well-meaning deployment advice. Here are a few stratetigies to help you decipher and sift through all incoming deployment advice, tips and wisdom that's sure to come your way before, during and after the deployment.

Military Spouses Share Deployment Advice - What's the Best Advice You've Ever...
Deployments are never easy on military spouses, however, thanks to excellent advice passed along from other military spouses the separation can be made easier and a bit more bearable. What's the best deployment advice you've ever received? Share your wisdom, tips and suggestions with other military spouses.

PTSD - Support for Military Spouses Married to Servicemembers Battling PTSD
Military spouses of servicemembers battling PTSD often feel isolated and unsupported. Help, support and stories of spouses in similar situations are available through these resources.

Locate the Red Cross Phone Number Before Your Spouse Deploys
Learn why it's imperative that you locate and post the Red Cross phone number before your spouse deploys.

What to Expect When Sending a Red Cross Message to a Deployed Servicemember
Instructions and what to expect if an emergency arises and you need to send a Red Cross message to your deployed loved one.

Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Glossary
Definitions for words and terms often affiliated with polytrauma and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Overseas Banking for Military Families: What You Need to Know
Military moves can make banking a challenge—especially if this is your first big move. It’s a lot to sort through, and this guide will help.

How to Build a Strong Military Marriage
Military marriages undergo an immense amount of stress and strain. But with direct communication, honesty, and affection, it’s not impossible.

Keeping Family Ties Strong During Deployment
For deployed military, staying connected to family back home and keeping relationships strong is hard. This article includes many helpful strategies

Dual Military Marriages: Can They Work?
Dual military marriages can and do work. But it takes planning, flexibility, and mutual support--like any other assignment. This guide will help.

Taking Care of Mom
Maintaining a strong marriage during a deployment can be tough. This article shows deployed how to stay connected to the wife back home.

What You Should Know about PCS Moves
Moving is a regular part of military life The process can sometimes be frustrating, confusing, and even frightening. The following tips will help.

Benefits of Pursuing Higher Education

Returning from Deployment
When dad or mom returns from deployment, it can be exciting for the whole family. It's also stressful for young children. Here are some tips to help.

Challenges of Deployment

Care Packages: A Great Way to Send a Little Love to Your Deployed Spouse

Maintaining a Positive Outlook When Your Spouse Is Deployed
Military families face many hurdles, but by maintaining a positive outlook and connecting with others in your life, most are far from insurmountable.

Becoming a Military Caregiver

Stretching Your Paycheck
Military families are on tight budgets, but with some simple steps, you can make things a little easier for your family

Moving On
Moving is stressful, but it doesn't have to be a disaster. Follow these steps to make the process simpler, easier, and less frustrating.

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