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Care Packages for Deployed Servicemembers


Before you invest time and money into preparing a care package for your deployed loved one, take a few moments and familiarize yourself with these shopping, baking and shipping tips.

1. When Can I Start Sending Care Packages?

Photo by Bill Mossman, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.

After a loved one deploys, family members are anxious to start sending care packages. Learn why you may need to wait a few weeks before shipping and mailing items.

2. Care Package Prohibited Contents

Photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Shawn P. Eklund. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy.
Before you send a care package to a deployed servicemember, see this list of prohibited items.

3. Care Package Preparation - Shopping and Baking Tips

Photo courtesy of DoD.
Not all homemade or pre-packaged foods make the best care package items. These tips will help you determine what to send and what to avoid.

4. Include Plastic Containers in Care Packages to Deployed Troops

Photo by Pfc. Noah S. Leffler. Photo courtesy of U.S.M.C.
Learn why it's important to include inexpensive plastic containers in care packages to deployed troops.

5. Care Package Shipping Supplies

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ronald W. Stauffer. Photo courtesy of U.S.M.C.
List of necessary shipping supplies you'll need when sending care packages to deployed servicemembers.

6. Care Package Shipping Tips

Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Andrew Skipworth. Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy.
Increase the odds that your servicemember will receive his or her care package in the best possible condition.

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