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Care Package Shipping Tips


Care Package Shipping Tips
Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Andrew Skipworth. Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy.
To ensure your deployed loved one receives his or her care package in the best possible condition, keep the following tips in mind.

Don't Overstuff Boxes
It's understandable that you want to ship as much as possible in each box. However, don't cram items into the box until the seams bulge. By doing so, you run the risk that the package will open or break during transit.

Reinforce Boxes
Even the sturdiest cardboard boxes in perfect condition have the potential of falling apart while en route to the servicemember. To reduce the risk, reinforce all seams with shipping tape.

Pack Hygiene Items Separately
Don't pack soap, deodorant and other hygiene items in boxes containing food. Shipping these items separately will prevent food products from absorbing the scent of the toiletries.

Liquid Items
Use caution when sending liquid products. First, make sure the item(s) are not on the prohibited list. Second, pack merchandise such as shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash in sealed plastic bags to help prevent leakage.

Place Address Inside the Box
Occasionally, boxes come apart, shipping labels become damaged or the package must be opened. To assist postal workers or military personnel in delivering the care package, write the sender's and recipient's address on an index card or piece of paper and place it inside the box.

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