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Operation Kid Comfort Consoles Military Kids of Deployed Servicemembers

How To Request a Free Photo-Transfer Quilt or Pillow For Your Child


Operation Kid Comfort Consoles Military Kids of Deployed Servicemembers

The Armed Services YMCA's Operation Kid Comfort provides free, photo-transfer quilts or pillows to children of deployed servicemembers.

Photo by Eve Meinhardt/Paraglide. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.

Grief, loneliness and immense sadness are common emotions military kids experience when their parent is deployed. Although no object or person can replace a deployed parent, Operation Kid Comfort hopes to soothe and console military kids by providing free photo-transfer quilts to children aged six and under, and pillows to those aged seven and older. Each custom-made quilt or pillow features photos of the deployed servicemember.

Requesting a Quilt or Pillow
You'll need to provide six to nine high quality digital photographs when requesting a quilt or pillow. Once you've gathered the pictures you want featured on the quilt or pillow, you'll then decide which request method to use.

Whether or not you live near a program location determines how you make your request. If you reside near one of the following locations, please visit the Web site for specific contact information and request instructions.

If you do not live near one of the program locations featured above, please make your request using this form.

More About Operation Kid Comfort
Created in 2004 at Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, Operation Kid Comfort is a program provided through the Armed Services YMCA. Thanks to countless volunteers, more than 6,000 quilts have been made to help console military kids of deployed servicemembers.

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