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Preparing For and Coping With Deployments

Information, tips and suggestions to help servicemembers and their loved ones prepare and cope with all phases of deployments. Learn about pre-deployment checklists, care packages, explaining deployment to kids and creating a support network.
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VFW Operation Uplink - Free Call Days for 2012-2013
Learn about the VFW's program Operation Uplink and see the 2012-2013 free call day schedule.

Horses4Heroes Serves the Entire Military Family
Horses4Heroes offers numerous recreational, educational and health and wellness riding programs for the entire military family. Learn more about this wonderful organization and how they serve adults and kids ages 2 and up.

Facilities that Offer Horses4Heroes
Numerous riding facilities throughout the United States offer various Horses4Heroes programs for the entire military family. Find a facility near you.

United Through Reading Helps Comfort Military Kids
Would you like to share story time with your child during your deployment? United Through Reading can help you do just that!

Military Deployment - How Did You Explain Deployment To Your Child?
How did you explain an upcoming deployment to your child? Help other military parents by sharing your wisdom and tips.

Relocating While Your Spouse is Deployed
If you're having a hard time deciding if moving in with family during your spouse's deployment is a good idea, here are a few things to consider so that you can make a decision that's right for you and your kids.

Operation Kid Comfort Consoles Military Kids of Deployed Servicemembers
ASYMCA's Operation Kid Comfort provides free photo-transfer quilts or pillows to military kids of deployed servicemembers. Learn how you can request a quilt or pillow for your child.

Our Military Kids Offers Grants to Children of Reservists and Guardsmen
Our Military Kids provides grants for military children of deployed servicemembers in the National Guard and Reserve component. The funds are designed to help pay for youth programs and activities.

Military Child - Thank a Military Child
Show your support for America's military children. Send a thank-you message to a military child and let them know you much you appreciate all the sacrifices they make.

Six Simple Ways Military Spouses Can Reduce Deployment Stress
Deployments are rarely easy for military spouses. Learn how you can reduce your stress during this challenging time.

Military Books for Children
Military books written specifically for children are an excellent resource to help parents explain deployments, PCSing and the military lifestyle. Browse through the selection and find a children's book for your military child.

Operation Purple - Free Summer Camp for Military Kids
Operation Purple, a free week-long summer camp provided through the National Military Family Association (NMFA),offers military kids a chance to escape the stress that often accompanies the military lifestyle.

Before Your Spouse Deploys
The time leading up to deployment is precious for all parties in a military family. Minimize pre-deployment stress and anxiety by taking the following suggestions into consideration.

How Do I Explain My Deployment to My Kids?
For many military parents, explaining their deployment to their children is a task they don't take lightly. Numerous resources are available to help you determine the best way to share your news.

Active Duty Alerts Help Protect Deploying Servicemembers
To help protect servicemembers against identity theft, deploying military personnel can place an "active duty" alert on their credit report.

VFW Program "Operation Uplink" Helps Deployed Troops Call Home for Free
Deployed troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait can make free phone calls home twice a month through Operation Uplink, a program provided by the VFW.

Roadside Assistance Programs May Buy Peace of Mind
Whether you plan on visiting family miles away or take a mini-vacation, if you're traveling by car during your spouse's deployment, you may want to consider purchasing a roadside assistance program.

Belated Celebrations
Your deployed loved one may not be able to share in the festivities on the actual day the holiday or special occasion falls, but that doesn't mean you must forego the celebration.

Diminish Feelings of Loneliness by Reaching Out To Other Military Families
When separated by deployment during the holidays, reaching out to other military families is an excellent way to deal with feelings of loneliness.

New Beginnings – A Financial Assistance Resource for Military Families
Are you a military family in need of financial assistance? New Beginnings is a program that helps military families find financial assistance by matching applicants with sponsors.

Deployment Advice – Take What You Like and Leave the Rest
Military spouses are often barraged with well-meaning deployment advice. Here are a few stratetigies to help you decipher and sift through all incoming deployment advice, tips and wisdom that's sure to come your way before, during and after the deployment.

Military Spouses Share Deployment Advice - What's the Best Advice You've Ever...
Deployments are never easy on military spouses, however, thanks to excellent advice passed along from other military spouses the separation can be made easier and a bit more bearable. What's the best deployment advice you've ever received? Share your wisdom, tips and suggestions with other military spouses.

Locate the Red Cross Phone Number Before Your Spouse Deploys
Learn why it's imperative that you locate and post the Red Cross phone number before your spouse deploys.

What to Expect When Sending a Red Cross Message to a Deployed Servicemember
Instructions and what to expect if an emergency arises and you need to send a Red Cross message to your deployed loved one.

Christmas Trees for Deployed Troops
Learn how you can send a live Christmas tree to a deployed servicemember.

Post-Deployment – Common Adjustments Military Couples Face
Each military couple is unique and therefore so are their post-deployment experiences during the reintegration period. However,there are some common issues many couples face when a spouse returns from deployment.

Downtime After Deployment
For servicemembers, post-deployment downtime is an important factor when transitioning from combat to a non-hostile environment. The following tips are meant to ease the servicemember's adjustment and make the process as smooth as possible.

Post Deployment - Returning Home From Deployment
Tips and suggestions to assist servicemembers in making a smooth transition into their family life upon returning from deployment.

Create A Deployment Memory Box

Avoid Sleep Deprivation
Many busy military spouses will forego sleep in order to squeeze more time into their day. However, sleep deprivation can lead to numerous health-related ailments. Learn about the importance of sleep and why getting adequate sleep is crucial to your overal health and well-being.

PTSD - Citizen Soldier Support Program Helps Reservists and Guardsmen
For Reservists and Guardsmen suffering from PTSD, locating a mental health professional in their area who's experienced in treating military personnel often proves challenging. Thanks to a comprehensive database offered by the Citizen Soldier Support Program, Reservists and Guardsmen can find the help they need.

Keeping Family Ties Strong During Deployment
For deployed military, staying connected to family back home and keeping relationships strong is hard. This article includes many helpful strategies

A Servicemember’s PTSD Affects the Whole Family
One in four veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from PTSD. But they're not alone. Their spouse and children are affected too.

Dual Military Marriages: Can They Work?
Dual military marriages can and do work. But it takes planning, flexibility, and mutual support--like any other assignment. This guide will help.

Making Living Overseas Easier for Military Families

Child Care for Military Families: What You Need to Know

Taking Care of Mom
Maintaining a strong marriage during a deployment can be tough. This article shows deployed how to stay connected to the wife back home.

When Your Spouse Reenlists
Deciding whether to reenlist in the military is a decision that has to be made by the whole family. Here are some tips to help you through the process

Returning from Deployment
When dad or mom returns from deployment, it can be exciting for the whole family. It's also stressful for young children. Here are some tips to help.

How Deployed Parents Can Bond with Young Children

When a Wounded Service Member Comes Home
Caring for a wounded/injured servicemember isnt easy. But with patience and perseverance it's possible to make it easier on both you and your spouse.

Care Packages: A Great Way to Send a Little Love to Your Deployed Spouse

Maintaining a Positive Outlook When Your Spouse Is Deployed
Military families face many hurdles, but by maintaining a positive outlook and connecting with others in your life, most are far from insurmountable.

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