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TRICARE Dental Program Eligibility


Contrary to what many people believe, not all servicemembers, veterans and military family members are eligible to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program, which is administered by MetLife.

The following list is provided to give you a better understanding of who is not eligible enroll in the TDP:

  • Active duty servicemembers, to include members of the Reserve and Guard who are called to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days, cannot enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program because they receive dental care as part of their active duty benefits.
  • Retired servicemembers and their dependents cannot enroll in the standard TRICARE Dental Program. Instead, there is separate program called TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP).
  • Military members in the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) following activation for a contingency operation.
  • Disabled veterans
  • Parents and in-laws
  • Former spouses
  • Foreign military personnel

Contact Information

If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible to enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program, please call MetLife by using one of the following phone numbers:

  • CONUS: 1-855-638-8371
  • OCONUS: 1-85-638-8372
  • TDD/TTY: 1-855-638-8373

More About the TRICARE Dental Program
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