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South Carolina Facilities That Offer the PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes Program

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South Carolina Facilities That Offer the PATH Intl. Horses for Heroes Program

A Warrior Transition Unit Soldier greets Leah, a horse owned by Rose Smith, right. Smith is an equine specialist for Turning Point Growth & Learning Center where WTU Soldiers participated in an equine-assisted psychotherapy program.

Photo by Nichole Riley, Moncrief Army Community Hospital. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.
Horses have a long history of being used in programs aimed at rehabilitating individuals suffering from emotional, physical and mental health wounds. One particular therapeutic riding program known as Horses for Heroes—which is provided through PATH International—is gaining popularity as an alternative therapy for servicemembers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other physical wounds sustained in combat.

(Searching for Horses4Heroes facilities that offer horseback riding programs for the entire military family? You can find that information here.)

South Carolina Riding Facilities That Offer the Horses for Heroes Program Provided by Path Intl.

Charles Area Therapeutic Riding
Location: Johns Island, SC
E-mail: catrfarms@wildblue.net
Phone: 1-843-559-6040

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