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More Great New Content for Military Families

Saturday May 31, 2014

This month, we've posted four new articles specifically written to help military families. The topics we cover are:

  • How to maintain a positive outlook during a spouse's deployment. It's hard--but these tips will help you get through it.
  • The secrets of creating the perfect care package. Sometimes a tube of toothpaste and a deck of cards is all it takes.
  • How the Military Lending Act affects military families. The Act is a great first step towards protecting families from predatory lenders and scammers who try to take advantage of a frazzled spouses trying to keep their family together  while the servicemember is away.
  • Tips for coping with a servicemember who is returning home after deployment with a physical or mental injury.

As  always, please send us your comments and suggestions. We're here for you and want this site to be as helpful as possible. But only you know what you truly need.

Four new articles for military families

Wednesday April 30, 2014

This month we talk about four very different topics:

If you've got comments on any of the articles you see here, or suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered, please let us know.

Why Spouses Need More Education

Monday March 31, 2014

With all the moves military families tend to make, finding--and keeping--a job can be a real challenge for military spouses. And those challenges are magnified when jobs require certifications that don't easily transfer from state to state, or when the spouse doesn't have the advanced skills that might help her or him start a new job somewhere other than the bottom of the ladder. In "Benefits of Pursuing Higher Education: Options for Military Spouses Pursuing Education," we talk about why military spouses should consider going back to school and how they can use distance learning to achieve their career goals.

Discovering the New Normal

Monday March 31, 2014

Having dad or mom return from a deployment can be great for everyone in the family. But after the initial "honeymoon period," many kids--especially those who were very young when the deployment began--can have a lot of trouble adjusting. And plenty of parents--whether they were deployed or stayed at home--have trouble too. In "Returning from Deployment: Helping Young Children Cope," we talk about the four stages families go through when a parent returns from deployment. The last one is the "new normal," but getting there isn't easy. Read the article for some practical tips that can help everyone adjust.

Summer in the Military

Monday March 31, 2014

It seems strange to be talking about summer vacations when it's still snowing in many parts of the country, but a quick look at the calendar makes it perfectly clear that school's almost out. And that means the kids will be home. In "Summer Camps for Military Kids," we talk about the great benefits--to kids, parents, and families--of sending the kids to summer camp. We also talk about some great options specifically designed to help military kids cope with the unique challenges they face.

Reenlisting Affects the Whole Family

Monday March 31, 2014

Although only one spouse's signature is on the reenlistment contract, the decision to stay in uniform for another six years is one that affects every single other person in the family. In "When Your Spouse Reenlists," we discuss the many factors that any family considering reenlistment should consider.

Money, Benefits, and More

Thursday March 13, 2014
People who join the military often have a strong sense of patriotism. But let's face it: everyone needs to get paid. And thinking ahead to separation, those benefits can be fantastic. Click here to see your 2014 paydays. Click here to read about how active-duty military families can handle financial issues. Click here to find out about banking issues that might come up if you're stationed outside the U.S. Did you now that the military has a number of programs to help pick up the cost of childcare for your family. Click here to learn how to access that help. Whether you get out after your first enlistment or decide to make the military your career, you and your family are eligible for an amazing variety of benefits. Click here to learn about them. Living in the U.S., it's easy to take voting for granted. But what if you move to a different state? How 'bout a different country? Click here to find out how you can fulfill your civic duty no matter where you are.

It's All about Relationships

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Military families face a number of challenges that civilian families don't. One of the biggest is keeping relationships strong.

Click here to read about the secret ingredients every military marriage needs to have.

Being a civilian married to a military servicemember is tough. But when two servicemembers are married to each other, all sorts of unique issues can come up. Click here to see how to keep dual-military marriages strong.

Click here for some advice on how military dads can support mom.

Click here for some great tips on how families can stay close even when they're very, very far away.

PTSD affects not only the servicemember, but his or her entire family. Click here to see how, and what you can do to help each other cope.

We're Always on the Move

Tuesday March 11, 2014
Moving--whether it's for a few days, a few months, or a few years--is something that's in the job description of every American servicemember in every branch. Click here to read more about how to take the stress out of moving. Click here to learn how to living internationally a little easier. Click here for some great tips to help you and your kids when getting ready to PCS out of the country. And finally, click here for an overview of what to expect on a PCS move.

Operation Purple Camps for 2013

Friday February 22, 2013

If you've been thinking about enrolling your child in an Operation Purple summer camp but weren't sure where the camps were being held, then I've got good news for you. The National Military Family Association has released their 2013 Operation Purple Summer Camp schedule. This year the schedule includes camps in AK, AL, CA, CT, FL, IN, MN, NC, NY, OR, PA, TX, WA and WV.

To learn more about Operation Purple and the various programs they offer, please visit their Web site.


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